Upper Montreal Falls on Montreal River

rugged, remote chute of the Keweenaw

Upper Montreal Falls and pool
  • Upper Montreal Falls and pool
  • Across the pool at the tall upper falls
  • Small upper drop between conglomerate
  • Looking south from the outcropping over Montreal River

Unlike the , less than a mile downstream, Upper Montreal Falls is a tall, jagged chute over conglomerate and volcanic rocks that plunges dramatically down into a deep, dark pool of water. It's much more remote than the lower drops and features a tall outcropping on the west bank with partial views south to Lake Superior and thick woods surrounding the river. A smaller yet similar drop is further upstream.


Turn right onto Lac la Belle Road off of US-41, just over 20 miles north of Calumet. Follow Lac la Belle Road for 4.3 miles, bearing left at the fork, and then turn left on Smiths-Fisheries road about 3 miles afte the fork. This road is not marked but is the last two-track before the paved road bends left with Bete Gris beach. Drive down Smiths-Fisheries road, keeping on the main track and bypassing the parking area for Bare Bluff. The road ends at a berm after 4 miles near some fenced-off cabins.

Follow the trail past the berm along the lakeshore. For awhile the trail is the remains of a rocky two-track, than it turns into a footpath winding through a cedar forest for about a mile before running into Montreal Falls. Head upstream here, staying on the west bank, to see the upper falls. The trail continues to the first drop but dies out before the smaller, uppermost drop.

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