Manganese Falls on Manganese Creek

snaking plunge into a deep gorge near Copper Harbor

Dried up streams
  • Dried up streams
  • Dripping dam below the falls
  • Looking back downstream
  • Multiple plunges down the mossy rock wall
  • An even curtain over the dam
  • Overflowing crest of the falls

Manganese Falls is one of the last waterfalls on the tip of the Keweenaw and is located right outside of Copper Harbor. Lake Manganese drains down to Lake Fanny Hooe, a quick 100 foot drop, down a steep gorge that hides most of the waterfall behind steep rock walls and fallen boulders. A small viewing platform allows visitors a partial view straight at the crest and down the gorge.


Turn south on 2nd/Manganese Street, right next to the Pines Resort in Copper Harbor, and drive .7 miles to the wide shoulder and park. The path to the viewing platform should be visible from the road. To get a closer view follow the trails downstream and slowly climb down the gorge to a wooden bridge over the creek. Follow the creek and gorge back upstream to the falls.

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  • Mark Piotrowski Jul 18, '15 Have heard tell of two significant falls upstream from here, any knowledge of them?
    • Jacob Emerick Jul 18, '15 Ah, no, but I'd love to know more! There's not a lot of elevation change between the lake and the road, so I'm curious if there along that leg (and much smaller than this one) or beyond the lake, which would be a real adventure to explore.
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