Unnamed Falls on Ravine River

tiny drop off the side of Mount Arvon

Blocky little plunges surrounded by green
  • Wet woods and upper drop
  • Sideways at the small spray
  • Blocky little plunges surrounded by green

Usually little more than a seasonal spray, this tiny blocky drop is an easy side destination for visitors to Mount Arvon. In fact, it's one of the few known drops coming down a flank of Arvon, even though the creek is just an unnamed tributary to Ravine River. The water sprays and pours down a blocky outcropping in the woods, mere yards from the road, forming a nice little scene (as long as its flowing).


Head down Roland Lake Road from Skanee Road, continuing on when it changes it's name to Ravine River Road, driving south for 6.9 miles. Keep left at the fork for another .6 miles. The little waterfall will be on the right side of the road.

Comments (2)

  • Nancy Haun Jun 26, '14 Wondered if you had found this one! it's one of our favorites - we found it in the early 80's and love to check up on it occasionally. Jim has panned for gold here with zero success!
    • Jacob Emerick Jun 27, '14 I was tipped off on this location by a site that recently disappeared (sad pandas). It's a pretty one, nice in remote, though not too difficult to reach if you remember the turns. Do you have a name for it? I've never even seen a name for the creek, let alone the drop.
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