Lower Leatherby Falls on West Branch Huron River

a few collections of small drops on a rocky river

Small drop into a sandy bed
  • Small plunges along the river
  • Boulders scattered along the river
  • Close up of a shiny drop
  • Dark, sliding corner
  • Small drop into a sandy bed
  • Frothy slide
  • Long set of cascades
  • Barren swampy section of the river
  • Cascades near the cabin

In the mile between Leatherby Falls and Erick's Falls, West Branch Huron River drops over 200 feet. This, combined with a marked 'Leatherby Falls' on topo maps (downstream of the actual Leatherby Falls), promises some impressive waterfalls along this stretch of river. There is none.

Lower Leatherby Falls is a rough grouping of small drops, most less than a foot tall, along the river between shallow banks. There are three clusters, one just downstream of Leatherby Falls, one next to a cabin, and another right above Erick's Falls. Most of them are smooth, rounded cascades that create a few splashes on the otherwise lazy water.


Drive south down Black Creek Road to Leatherby Road, which is 4.8 miles from Skanee Road and the first road on the right side past Erick's Falls. Park about .8 miles down Leatherby Road near an orange gate. Head down to the river to see the middle falls. There are more drops on the river, up closer to Leatherby Falls and down by Erick's Falls, that can be easily hiked to from those respective spots.

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  • Nancy Haun Aug 19, '14 Jacob you missed the most impressive falls. They are further up the road and very nice!
    • Jacob Emerick Aug 22, '14 Hi Nancy, think I included those drops here: Leatherby Falls. The drops on this page are mostly just rapids.
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