Leatherby Falls on West Branch Huron River

curiously pitted wall with a waterfall flowing down its face

Thin streams of water flowing down the rocks
  • Odd pits of Leatherby Falls
  • Plenty of water flowing over the blocky rocks
  • Flowing curtain of water over the rocks
  • Blocky rocks pushing the water over
  • Looking up the lower drops
  • Thin streams of water flowing down the rocks

Leatherby Falls is a rather interesting drop far up in the highlands near Mount Arvon. The waterfall is a two-tiered drop over a sharp rise of basalt surrounded by cedars. The lower half is a blocky set of cascades that forces the river to the side before it tumbles down over the small chunks. The upper half, though, is an entirely different setup. Water pours down a few worn cuts over a deeply pitted wall, fanning over the smooth portions and catching on the curious pits.


Turn down Black Creek Road from Skanee Road for about 5 miles to Leatherby Road, which is the first dirt road past Erick's Falls. Turn right on Leatherby, a narrow and windy two track, for about 2.7 miles, trying to stick to the main road. There are a few forks and plenty of tracks leading away from the main road - try to bear right at the forks and don't take any sharp turns. At 2.7 miles follow the main road will curve sharply to the right, heading down the now-tall riverbank, for .5 miles to a small parking area.

There is a small network of paths leading down and around Leatherby Falls at the end of the dirt road, which gets very rutted and nasty beyond the parking area. Upper Leatherby Falls is a short walk upstream beyond here.

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