Erick's Falls on West Branch Huron River

small, block drop far upstream on the Huron River

Bridge over the falls
  • Small camping area near the river
  • Bridge over the falls
  • Large pine tree hanging over the river
  • Up at Ericks Falls
  • Small upstream drops between snowy rocks

It's easy to draw some comparisons between Erick's and Big Erick's Falls. After all, they are both on the Huron River and they both have a bridge over them. Where Big Erick's Falls is a historic location with an impressive wooden bridge and DNR camping site, Erick's only has a cement bridge with a few clearings for tents. Also, Erick's Falls is much smaller, only a few narrow chutes between blocky mounds of rocks.

The main feature that makes this waterfall interesting is the area. Far up on the West Branch of Huron River, this waterfall is deep enough in the wilds to start forgetting about roadsigns. The trees start to get taller, elevation increases, and traffic more sparse. Erick's Falls may not be as big or as famous as its big cousin downstream, but it is still makes a great destination.


Take Skanee Road about 18.5 miles out of L'Anse to Black Creek Road. Turn right and drive another 4.7 miles to the bridge over West Branch Huron River. Park here and head downstream a few dozen yards to the falls. A few small drops are just upstream of the bridge.

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