West Branch Falls on West Branch Huron River

wild cascade over solid rock in a deep gorge

Rushing water over the main waterfall
  • Riverside footpath
  • First view of the lower plunges
  • Looking down into the plunge
  • Small split drop
  • Rushing water over the main waterfall
  • A familiar old sand bank
  • Looking across the smooth, calm pools
  • West Branch Huron River Falls

West Branch Falls on the Huron River is an impressive chain of individual drops along the river within a deep, rugged slate gorge. The main waterfall is a direct cascade that crashing upon a central outcropping, splashing to either side and creating a fine mist during heavy flow. The lower drops are mostly narrow chutes, water hemmed in by sloped rock and pouring down in a powerful stream into deep pools or over hard rocks.


Take Skanee Road about 18.5 miles out of L'Anse to Black Creek Road. Turn right and drive 1.7 miles and turn left onto the two-track here, parking before crossing the shallow river ford.

On foot, head a short distance upstream along the right side of the river. Ford the river after you pass the tall, sandy cliff to the left. Continue on the left side along the small footpath, staying close to the river, fording again if necessary to get around the rocky cliff near the lower falls. Avoid the right side of the river until you reach the lower falls as there is a private camp along the river.

After you climb over the rocks at the lower falls continue upstream. There are two more significant drops before the main waterfall. Even more small drops are upstream but are difficult to get to, as the main waterfall stretches across the entire gorge.

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