U-Turn Falls on East Branch Huron River

rocky drop on the cusp of a river bend

Huron River churning down a steep, narrow chute on
  • Set of drops below a sharp bend in the river
  • Huron River churning down a steep, narrow chute on
  • Tiny, silky-smooth drop on the river

U-Turn Falls is named by whitewater kayakers who brave the East Branch Huron River gorge during the spring melt. Between East Branch and Big Falls the river zigs and zags through a deep and rugged canyon made of slate and towering pines. Right in the center of this canyon, on a particulary sharp elbow, is a rocky waterfall that is difficult to reach yet impressive to view. For those willing and able to make the tough hike up the gorge this makes for a sweet reward.


After crossing Big Erick's Bridge continue southeast, taking the right fork at .5 miles, for a total of 1.7 miles. Park on the far side of the one-lane bridge at the blocked logging road. Either follow the overgrown logging road west, cutting straight through the woods to East Branch Huron River when it ends, or follow the creek under the bridge to the river. Turn upstream after either route for a short walk to the East Branch Falls. Continue upstream from here, sticking as close to the river as possible, to reach U-Turn Falls.

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