East Branch Falls on East Branch Huron River

small drop at the end of a long slate gorge

East Branch Falls on Huron River
  • Gravelly rock on the river
  • Close view of the drop
  • Recent snowfall clogging up the river
  • Looking up the step gorge
  • Bridge on Ericks Road
  • East Branch Falls on Huron River
  • Steepening gorge above East Branch Falls

East Branch Falls is a small, sliding drop over smooth slate maybe a foot or two tall. It is a pretty waterfall, with high river banks on each side and large trees drooping low over the river. More impressive waterfalls are upstream, though. The named waterfall merely marks the end of a long, deep gorge carved in rugged slate rocks that stretches all the way to Big Falls and contains numerous unnamed drops, most of which are both taller and more dramatic than this small waterfall.


After crossing Big Erick's Bridge continue southeast, taking the right fork at .5 miles, for a total of 1.7 miles. Park on the far side of the one-lane bridge at the blocked logging road. Either follow the overgrown logging road west, cutting straight through the woods to East Branch Huron River when it ends, or follow the creek under the bridge to the river. Turn upstream after either route for a short walk to the falls. More drops are further upstream, including U-Turn Falls, although the river gets harder to follow as you enter the gorge. For an additional mile or so you can walk all the way to Big Falls. Try to stick close to the river, as there is private property around both waterfalls.

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