Big Erick's Falls on Huron River

tiny cascades to mark the gateway of a wilderness

Swollen, tinted waters over Big Ericks Falls
  • Sign explaining Big Ericks Bridge
  • Block rock formations on the falls
  • Scraggly brush on the block river
  • Campsite near the bridge
  • Snowy fork above the bridge
  • Heavy spring flow over the upper drops
  • Swollen, tinted waters over Big Ericks Falls
  • Snow covered pines towering above the water

For the small size of Big Erick's Falls there is an awful lot to see here. Once the site of a bustling logging camp, this waterfall now has a state campsite, parking area, and one of the few bridges over the Huron River. The drops are small but uniquely structured, water pouring from one large pool to the next in short chutes over tough, layered rock.

Crossing the bridge over Huron River is like crossing into another land. Paved road and signs are left behind, logging two-tracks and the wilderness take over. The Huron Mountains rise up suddenly, starting with Bald Mountain, and some roads even lead as far as the Yellow Dog Plains. While Big Erick's Falls may not be large they are still pretty, and their location and surroundings are well worth the visit.


About twenty miles east of L'Anse on Skanee Road bear right on the gravel road, following the sign for Big Erick's Campground. After a mile or so on the gravel road (Erick's Road) the campground will be on the left side and a parking area on the right: park on the right. There is a path that starts at the north (campground) side of the bridge and follows the waterfalls downstream along the bank. The rocky riverbed is exposed for most of the year, offering an alternative, more intimate route.

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