Schweitzer Falls on Schweitzer Creek

two-tiered waterfall along a swampy river

Dark skies over the the waterfall
  • Narrow two-track through thick woods
  • An upriver swamp around the bend
  • Dark skies over the the waterfall
  • Snow and water plunging down into a swamp
  • Close up of the lower chutes
  • An upper dome
  • Calm waters upriver
  • Obscured view of the falls below

A surprising find in the middle of a swampy area, Schweitzer Falls is a two-tiered drop over rugged volcanic rock. The upper half is short, a little tumble into a small pool of water right before the water pours down a taller cascade to the side. This pool does overflow for most of the year and form trickles over other areas of the outcropping, sprinkling the waterfall lightly over the entire lower half of the rock formation.


Starting at Palmer head south along M-35 to County Road 565 (just before Warner Falls). Stay on 565 for 2.9 miles and park on the two-track on the right (the first drive past the bridge over Schweitzer River). Head down this track, taking the first trail to the right, and then cutting down to the right about 300 yards from your parked vehicle. The undergrowth around the river is thick enough to cut off the hints of the waterfall but once you crest the top of the bank you should be able to hear them.

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