Elinor Falls on West Branch Peshekee River

little rapids along the Peshekee River

Small collection of drops
  • Rock outcroppings along West Peshekee
  • Bridge spanning rocky banks
  • Rapids above the bridge
  • Small collection of drops
  • Along the crest of the river
  • Calm river stretching upstream

Far into the Peshekee Highlands is the remote Lake Elinor, a little wooded lake that empties into West Branch Peshekee River. Just below the outflow is a small set of drops on the Peshekee. The North Country Trail passes over the river above these falls, making easy viewing of this waterfall.


Head north on Huron Bay Grade from US-41 for 7.5 miles. Turn left just after Haascib Lake Camp up the steep gravel road and follow the gravely road for 2.3 miles, then take the right at the fork and keep on the road for another 2 miles. Park here, where the road gets overgrown and a driveway shows up on the rigt side of the road.

Continue on foot along the overgrown road for a few hundred yards and take the first turn left. After a shorter distance the road will get mired down in a swamp. Before it gets too bad cut through the woods on the right, skirting the side of the swamp, and head west until you bump into the Peshekee. Follow the river upstream along the North Country Trail until you find the falls.

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