Dee Lundeen Falls on West Branch Peshekee River

odd, stained rock form a weird little waterfall

Odd, stained rocks around Dee Lundeen
  • Lower swirling drop.
  • Odd, stained rocks around Dee Lundeen
  • Upper half of Dee Lundeen Falls
  • Downstream swamps on the Peshekee

Odd, stained volcanic rocks rise up from the swamp, separating two sluggish areas of the river with a small waterfall. Dee Lundeen Falls is a rugged cascade deep in the Peshekee Highlands (that sits on private land). The upper part of the waterfall is an indirect slide down slanted rock and the lower a more sudden cascade onto a small set of rapids. Both river banks are grassy and lined with scrubby undergrowth.


About 2.8 miles east of Michigamme turn left on an unnamed road, following it for 1.1 miles before turning right. After this turn continue for about a mile befrore parking at the clearing. From here you can either head right, to the swampy Lake Arvid, and follow it's outlet to West Branch Peshekee River and then follow the riverbank upstream (left). Otherwise you can continue down the road, hopping the gate, and follow the first swampy creek right to the river and turn upstream (left) a shorter distance to the falls. Both routes take you past a private cabin.

To avoid trespassing (recommended) you can try the eastern bank, hiking in from the Peshekee Grade along old logging routes.

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