Bulldog Falls on Yellow Dog River

long, varied stretch of drops in the McCormick Tract

Middle drop on Bulldog Falls
  • Faint path through yellow trees
  • An old cedar bridge
  • lower rapids
  • Rocky jumbled drop
  • Unique cascades into a small pool
  • Middle drop on Bulldog Falls
  • Curtain over the rock face
  • Sliding water between two mounds of rock
  • Sideways cascade along the grade
  • Snaking channels on the river
  • Split drop into an upper pool

Emptying out of Bulldog Lake in the McCormick Wilderness, this fork of the Yellow Dog River pours down a long cascade of broken rocks before reaching the Yellow Dog Plains. The waterfalls are incredibly varied, from wild cascades that plunge and pool around black rocks to long sliding chutes squeezed between huge slabs of rock. With a bit of imagination seven unique falls can be counted along this stretch.

One of the main attractions of Bulldog Falls is the forest itself. The McCormick Wilderness does not allow marked roads or trails. Finding the falls can be a little tricky without a GPS or compass, depending only on the footfalls of earlier visitors to beat a path. Tall trees and deep foliage grow up around the route and waterfalls, giving an authentic, untainted experience for visitors.


Take the AAA Road west from Anderson's Corner, which quickly bends southwards. Continue south on Ford Road (AAA veers west after a half mile) and take a quick left turn 2 miles from Anderson's Corner into a small parking area with signs for the Ottawa National Forest.

Follow the trail leading east, just left of the big forestry sign, until you bump into a river. should be audible, a short distance upstream. To continue to Bulldog Falls, cross with the trail over fallen logs eastwards, slowly climbing the rock outcropping on your right for a short bit. If you manage to stay on the path there will be an ancient cedar footbridge over the next river. Follow the river upstream, passing the initial rapids, to see the waterfalls. Continue upstream to visit all of the waterfalls, stopping only at the onset of a large swamp.

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