Lower Big Pup Falls on Big Pup Creek

set of impressive drops along Big Pup

Impressive cascade crashing over the rocks
  • Snow and short, clingy trees
  • Creek pouring out of the swamp over some brush
  • An inaccessible chute on Big Pup Creek
  • Impressive cascade crashing over the rocks

After the little Big Pup Creek flows over the main falls and past County Road 510 and it's weeping wall, it meanders through a few swamps on a leisurely path to Yellow Dog River. Then, suddenly, it tumbles down a set of impressive drops that seem totally out of place from most of its run. It crashes down over boulders, is pushed around by cuts of works, and roars before calming back down and sliding into the larger river below.


Less than two miles south of County Road 510's bridge over the Yellow Dog River there is another, smaller bridge over Big Pup Creek. Park near the bridge and head directly down to the creek. Follow the water downstream for a few hundred yards to view all of the upper falls.

Continue past Big Pup Falls for about a half mile or so until you start bumping into larger drops. There are some gnarly swamps along the way that are choked up with tag alders that make for difficult bushwhacking, but when you start seeing the waterfalls the hike will be definitely worth it.

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