Yellow Dog Falls on Yellow Dog River

famous drops in the remote Huron Mountain range

Clouds over the main falls
  • Cascades flowing around a boulder
  • Looking back at chutes and rocks
  • Narrow channel foaming up the Yellow Dog River
  • Waterfall on the elbow of the river
  • Lowermost drop on the river
  • Clouds over the main falls
  • Sun over Yellow Dog Falls
  • Wet, rugged rocks
  • Gushing chute emptying into a wide pool
  • Side view of a lower drop

Beautiful, remote, and including some very accessible drops, Yellow Dog Falls is a perfect place for just about anyone to visit. The long string of waterfalls (seven in total, depending on how you count) stretches down from County Road 510 and makes it almost halfway to 550 before settling down.

The main, uppermost waterfall can be reached via a wide, flat footpath, complete with log bridges over damp sections, and is the largest and most interesting drop. The river splits above a large jut of rock to create two separate drops that flow back together under the rock, then cascade down lower steps before emptying in a large, sandy pool perfect for swimming and wading. Some people even use this lower pool for panning, though more gold may be found much further downstream near Bushy Creek Falls.

Below the main drop are six more sizeable drops, ranging from mild, river-spanning rapids to angry chutes. None are quite as large as the main falls though some come close in terms of formation and scenery. If you follow the river all the way down, past the last waterfalls near a cabin, you'll also find Brushy Creek Falls dropping directly into the Yellow Dog.


The bridge and parking area for the Yellow Dog Falls is just 6.7 miles down 510 from the northern terminus. Follow the path on the south side of the river downstream to the first waterfall. To view all the drops continue downstream, trying to stick to the south bank. If it gets to thick and you don't have a problem walking across a cabin's backyard cross to the north bank, which may be easier after the fifth drop. The final, seventh drop is located a few yards upstream of Bushy Creek Falls, flowing in on the north bank.

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