Bushy Creek Falls on Bushy Creek

tiny drop emptying right into the Yellow Dog

Looking sideways at the drop
  • Tiny creek around fallen trees
  • Looking sideways at the drop
  • Foaming waterfall from across the river
  • Sun speckling over Brushy Creek Falls
  • Rutted drive over the creek

A tiny little spray of water flowing into the Yellow Dog Rive, Bushy Creek Falls would probably go unnoticed if it wasn't for two important properties of the small creek. First, it enters the Yellow Dog just downstream of the last big waterfall on the river, making it an easy additional destination for visitors. Second, it is known for having some gold flakes in its stream, making it a popular spot among panners to spend time sifting the sand below the tiny drop.


Follow the Yellow Dog River downstream after parking on County Road 510. The path starts on the south side of the river and begins to fade after the fourth drop, making it easiest to either wade down the river or cross to the easier north bank. There is a cabin on the north bank between the sixth and seventh waterfall, making another tricky obstacle. Bushy Creek is the first creek on the north bank just past the cabin, with the falls flowing right into the Yellow Dog.

As an alternative path you could head up Bushy Creek Truck Trail from either County Road 550 or 510 to either drive or walk along. As a note, this road has a sharp dip at Bushy Creek that is probably not passable to anything but a four-wheeler (and a very experienced driver).

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