Cedar Falls on Cedar Creek

protected land holds a small, wild waterfall

Large fanning drop between the snowy banks
  • Mossy cascades
  • Natural cedar bridge over the creek
  • A long, stepping drop
  • Large fanning drop between the snowy banks
  • Icy mounds draped off the rock outcroppings

Located in protected land within the Huron Mountains, Cedar Falls is surrounded by mossy outcroppings and huge cedars seemingly untouched by humans. The main falls are just within Huron Mountain Club property, a short chain of sliding drops ending in a deep, sandy pool. An upper drop sits on public land, smaller yet similar in beauty and formation. Getting to this area is an adventure in itself, as the Northwestern Road is poorly maintained and often blocked by washouts or downed trees.


From Big Erick's Bridge head east down Erick's Road for 4 miles, turning left onto the Northwestern Road. Take this for 3 miles and turn left at the hubcap is, sticking to the Northwestern Road. Cedar Creek flows under (or over, depending on the time of year) the road 2.2 miles from the hubcap. There is a small, wildly muddy drive that follows Cedar Creek downstream just past the crossing for parking if you get this far, otherwise just park along the road and walk to the creek. Head downstream to the waterfalls. Turkey Neck Falls is located further downstream, about a mile within the Club's property.

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