St Louis Falls on St Louis Creek

three small drops on a small creek

Sideways slide on the upper drop
  • Falls covered in thick blankets of snow
  • Stained water poking out of the snow
  • Side view of the upper drop
  • The old, rusty car sliding down the bank
  • A bare little creek gorge
  • Rocks and mossy logs around the creek
  • Sideways slide on the upper drop
  • One of the small upper chutes
  • Poles in a line
  • Lake Superior in the far distance
  • The old train car

There are plenty of deep little gorges along the northwest slope above Trap Rock River formed by seasonal creeks flowing down the steep hillside. The larger (named) creeks have some truly impressive waterfalls, like Douglass Houghton and Queen Anne's Falls. A small, unnamed creek that runs down from some swamps near Laurium forms the more humble St Louis Falls.

This waterfall, while smaller than its brethern along the slope, is still a pretty three-tiered waterfall above an old railroad grade. Each drop is about four feet tall within a deep, rocky valley still crumbling with newness around it. The creek is dry for most of the year, only running somewhat full during the spring melt. Also, there is an old car wreck about halfway down the gorge that makes an interesting side destination.


From the intersection of Lake Linden Avenue and US-41 (the first light out of Hancock on 41 that you run into in Laurium/Calumet) turn right towards Lake Linden for .9 miles. Turn left on Gas Plant Road, following it east for 1.6 miles to the old railroad grade (now an ATV trail). Park here and head left on the grade a short distance until it takes you over a deep creek gorge. Head down the gorge, preferrably along the north bank, and head upstream to the falls.

The old rusty car will be right along your path. There is another cool side destination a bit futher down the grade and up a trail to the left. Within a wide open meadow with expansive views down to Trap Rock River Valley and beyond lies the decaying skeleton of an old street car.

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  • Grant Holmstrom Mar 30, '15 Is this the same creek that the Natural Wall is on?
    • Jacob Emerick Mar 30, '15 No, I don't think so. I think the Natural Wall is further north up by Colony Road. Haven't been to the wall so I can confirm. It looks pretty interesting, though.
    • Grant Holmstrom Apr 8, '15 The Natural Wall is worth seeing at least once, it's quite the geological oddity.
    • Jacob Emerick Apr 9, '15 Thanks for the heads up, Grant. I have no idea when/if I'll be up in that area again, having recently moved across the country, but hope that other visitors to this site and that area can venture over to the wall.
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