Little Spruce Falls on Sturgeon River

tiny, unimpressive drops in between swamps

Upper rocks of Sturgeon River
  • Tiny little plunge over a tiny little rock ledge
  • Swirl around blocky rocks
  • Meandering river around the swampy lowlands
  • A bridge over Sturgeon River
  • Upper rocks of Sturgeon River

This waterfall is one of the most disappointing spots I've ever visited over years of exploring. Little Spruce Falls is a tiny set of rapids far up on the Herman-Nestoria Swamp, a small tick mark on a topo map that is little more than a few rocks along an otherwise calm and marshy headwater area. There are two main drops, one a long chain of rapids in the midst of thick brush and the upper some small plunges between rocks, with a narrow logging bridge splitting the two.

The swamp is pretty, though.


To reach the start of the hike first get to Herman, located on a side road off of 41 just south of L'Anse. From Herman Road turn onto Lystila/Lahti, bearing right at the first fork, driving 1.1 miles before turning right on Summit Road. 1.6 miles south on Summit will lead you to the start of Celotex Road, once one of the main gateways into the Curwood/Peshekee Highlands (its now gated a few miles in). Turn left on Celotex and go 1 mile, turning right on Tama Siding. Park at .5 miles before the road travels over Tama Creek (a wide swamp).

Follow the Tama Siding road on foot past the green gate, taking the right fork a short distance in. Stick to the main road as there are multiple logging roads branching off. The main falls is located feet away from the bridge over Sturgeon River, and the lower falls is a short distance downstream past the swamp and weaving branching rapids section.

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